western artist Amado Pena and his horse


Amado Peña is a Southwestern painter and printmaker whose boldly colored landscapes and cloaked figures evoke a mysterious and unforgiving desert environment. Peña takes inspiration from Old West locales like Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly and channels the struggles of daily life for Natives of the Southwest in his practice.

Like many in the region, Peña is a Mestizo and celebrates his Latino and Native American heritage through his work. His dynamic and illustrative landscapes are often accompanied by figures in profile, while well executed Navajo blankets and Pueblo pottery show off his skill as a draftsman. A signature combination of indigenous patterns and saturated colors make Peña’s work instantly recognizable and widely loved.  

The Heard Museum in Phoenix and National Museum of American Art (Smithsonian Institution) in Washington, D.C. number among the collectors of his work.

Peña is a member of Arizona’s Pascua Yaqui Tribe and calls Texas home.


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