White Sands National Monument Online Trading Post
At High Desert Dry Goods, we celebrate the spirit of the American West.  We are a modern trading post with a penchant for classic Westernwear, great art and funky home decor.  We revel in kitschy Americana, feel most at home on the open road and believe you can never have enough turquoise.

Our items are for sale or trade, and we're are always open to offers.  Contact us to discuss unique purchase agreements, or if you have an item we may be interested in.

You can see the artist's hand in many of our products, and we hope you enjoy those imperfections as much as we do.  We trade in vintage goods to preserve the awesome style of generations passed, and to ensure the well being of our planet for those to come.  Secondhand goods embody character only time can provide, and help consumers reduce their ecological impact.

We love trees (especially piñons and junipers), and employ reusable or recyclable packing materials whenever possible.  Please let us know if prettier gift packaging is required at time of checkout.