Win a hand woven wool rug from High Desert Dry Goods As sponsors of the Ladies Ranch Rodeo in Winnemucca, Nevada, we gave away some beautiful Southwest rugs to a talented team of female ropers.  Congrats to the Or/Cal team: Helen Houx, Jenny Newman, Angela Vogt and Nikki Millin.  

If you missed your shot at one in Winnemucca, you’re in luck. We’re giving away one more - no hand eye coordination required.   Simply sign up for our mailing list to enter the drawing.  We’ll announce the winner July 1st via Instagram and email.  


So what exactly is a ranch rodeo you ask?

Unlike the pro rodeo circuit (PRCA), for most competitors, participating in ranch rodeos is not a full time endeavor. They are usually working cowboys and cowwomen who practice their craft on the job every day. While some events like bronc riding are featured at both types of rodeos, ranch rodeo events are often of a practical nature. A ranch rodeo team may have to rope a calf and perform routine tasks like doctoring, branding or loading in a trailer - timed competitions with real world applications.

A team of female ropers at the Winnemucca Ranch Rodeo Finals  Another big distinction between ranch rodeos and the PRCA is the amount of events open to women. Barrel racing is the sole women’s event in pro rodeo, while ranch rodeos invite women to get just as down and dirty as the men.

While we’re on the subject of down and dirty, there are a few extra Western (read: nuts) events at ranch rodeos. The wild horse race, for example, requires the rider to saddle and mount a bucking horse from the ground before riding across the arena. Another shin busting event, wild cow milking, is just what it sounds like. It’s a timed scramble to extract milk from a cow who ain’t exactly an ol’ Bessie. 

With an entertaining mixture of the practical and the crazy, ranch rodeos lie close to the original concept. They’re rowdy and competitive, and bring small communities together from across the West.

We’re proud to sponsor an event with deep ties to Western heritage, and look forward to next year. Congrats to all of the competitors at this year’s Ladies Ranch Rodeo.

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