At High Desert Dry Goods, we’re committed to helping our Northern California neighbors impacted by the Camp Fire. Through the end of 2018, we’re donating 50% of every purchase to the North Valley Community Foundation, a local organization dedicated to helping fire victims find shelter and rebuild their lives.

Camp Fire recovery effort, shop for a cause
In the wake of the Paradise tragedy, the holiday season is a bittersweet one for Northern Californians. While many of us plan get-togethers with family and friends and shop for thoughtful, but probably unnecessary holiday gifts, victims of the Butte County fire are struggling to stay warm and dry.

Yesterday, as the first big storm of the winter pummeled the Sierra, I sat in my car – inconvenienced, but comfortable - awaiting my turn at the chain inspection point. I was returning home after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and listening to a local radio station’s Black Friday fire relief drive.

Instead of heading to a megastore to nab discounted toys and electronics, listeners were instead directing money to the North Valley Community Foundation. Stories of sacrifice and survival poured in as callers made donations big and small, and inspired me to join in the effort.

Descending through the foothills in the hammering rain, I thought of the many families still sleeping in tents and makeshift shelters in Butte County. Those whose holidays would not be about frivolity and indulgence, but of just getting by. Those who lost everything, including family and friends. The significance of my journey, delayed several hours by treacherous roads, paled in comparison. At the end of the day, I’d have Thanksgiving leftovers, a clean, dry bed and a roof over my head.

Though it may not be much, this holiday season we’re committed to give what we can. Today through the end of the year, 50% of every sale from High Desert will be donated to fire victims.

If you’d prefer to donate directly to the North Valley Community Foundation or another reputable organization, we think that’s pretty cool too.


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