What is a Modern Trading Post?

sunflowers on a lonely desert highway for High Desert Dry Goods, a modern trading post

What is a Modern Trading Post?

At High Desert Dry Goods, we’re not your average ecommerce store. We are a digital trading post that pairs the convenience of online shopping with the spirit of the Old West. Our unique buy-sell-trade model hearkens back to a time when old pawn was simply pawn, and consumer goods were made with an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality.

Many of our vintage items were made in America, and have endured the test of time. We appreciate the lived in patina of these items, and rarely clean up tarnished silver jewelry or barn finds. Vintage objects are the physical embodiment of history, and we love items that tell a story.

Vintage Goods Are Green Goods

In addition to preserving the great style and workmanship of generations passed, buying used represents an age old ethos of resource responsibility that has not been entirely forgotten. With the rebirth of the homesteading movement, the ethics of our generation have come full circle, and many of us identify with the modest, make-do attitudes of our ancestors. Extending the life of a vintage garment is far more powerful (and timeless) than diving into the latest fast fashion trend. When we do buy new, we are more thoughtful in our consumption, and seek out durable, heirloom quality goods.

Don’t Be Shy

We have a small offering of new items and fine art prints at High Desert, and seek to foster relationships with likeminded artisans in the future. If you are an artist or craftsman in search of a collaboration, or simply a shopper with an interesting item for sale or trade, we want to hear from you.

Shoot us an email (howdy@shophighdesert.com) if you’re a collector with a specific, hard to find item in mind. We’re always rounding up fresh inventory, and will keep our eyes peeled for special requests.

There’s a world of awesome stuff out there, and discovery is half the fun. As a modern trading post, we are harnessing technology to make the hunt more accessible than ever.  Feel free to share tips on estate sales, auctions, and good old fashioned picks.

Thanks for stopping by the High Desert and sharing a piece of the American West.