Self portrait of Western artist Minerva Teichert

Recognized for her bold depictions of Mormon pioneers and an idyllic view of Western expansion, Minerva Teichert stands alongside early 20th century American modernists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Dorthea Tanning and Catherine C. Critcher.

Perhaps lesser known than her female contemporaries, Teichert (b. 1888) balanced busy family life on her Wyoming homestead with a budding art career, and took inspiration from the day to day excitement of ranch life.

Under the tutelage of Robert Henri at the New York Art Students League and John Vanderpoel at the Art Institute of Chicago, Teichert honed a painting style driven by composition and characterized by an impressionistic hand.

After her studies in the East, Teichert returned to the Rocky Mountains she loved, raised a family, and embarked on an illustrious career that would span the next 60 years.

The mythology of her pioneer ancestors and a tradition of prominent female characters permeates Minerva Teichert’s body of work, and reflects a pride in the self sufficient characters who carved her view of the West. Long before Sheryl Sandberg, Minerva Teichert was championing strong women and leaning in.

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