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Artist Spotlight: Cochiti Pueblo Potters

The Cochiti are a Keresan tribe located near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Like many of the area's Pueblo tribes, Cochitis moved from functional wares to smaller, packable ceramics as Anglo tourism brought a demand for Native American art as souvenirs. Ceramic vessels from Cochiti are relatively rare, as the tribe is well known for effigies and storyteller figurines. The classic Cochiti motif includes an off white bentonite slip with boiled beeweed painted designs.

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Artist Spotlight: Acoma Pueblo Potters

The finely painted pottery of Acoma differs in style from that of the Rio Grande pueblos, while closely resembling that of neighboring Laguna. Dazzling, bold patterns and fine line work are common on both black and white and polychrome pots.  A revival of the ancient Mimbres pottery designs began in the early 20th Century, when pottery sherds from the archaeological site were shared with local Acoma potters including the legendary Lucy Lewis.

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Artist Spotlight: Andy Tsinajinie

“His watercolors show his intense love of that strange corner of the west where the Navajos live." While his world was not quite as idyllic as a fifties lifestyle magazine might suggest, Navajo artist Andy Tsinajinie filtered the Indian experience through the colorful lens of children’s illustrations and government supported murals.

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