Jesus Christ in Red Robe | Minerva Teichert ™ | Semi-gloss print

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Fine art paper print of Minerva Teichert's Jesus Christ painting 

"Christ in a Red Robe"

A resurrected Jesus displays wounds in his hands and wears a distinctive crimson robe 

Minerva Teichert was a painter of epic Western scenes and religious iconography.  Her depictions of Jesus Christ are dynamic and gestural, often in full figure, and stand in contrast to traditional portraits like Sallman's Head of Christ.

Listed dimensions represent the size of the image on each print, and will include a minimum of 1/4 inch white paper border for easier matting and framing.  You or your framer may trim the excess if desired.  Some prints include text related to the printing process on these borders that would not be visible after matting or framing.

We've discontinued semi-gloss prints and will ship available inventory within 3 business days. Check out our Minerva Teichert prints on matte paper for the largest selection of artwork and sizes. 

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