Rescue of the Lost Lamb by Minerva Teichert ™ | Semi-gloss print

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Fine art print on paper by Minerva Teichert

"Rescue of the Lost Lamb"
Painting of Jesus Christ with a black sheep 

Known as much for her Christian paintings as for her lively Western scenes, Minerva Teichert was a fixture among Rocky Mountain and Southwest artists of the 20th Century.  Her rural home in Cokeville, Wyoming and choice to rear a family perhaps left her lesser known than other female contemporaries like Dorothea Tanning and Georgia O'Keeffe.  Today, fans of Teichert's work admire a woman who carved out time to paint while raising children and holding down the fort at a busy cattle ranch.   

Listed dimensions represent the size of the image on each print, and will include a minimum of 1/4 inch white paper border for easier matting and framing.  You or your framer may trim the excess if desired.  Some prints include text related to the printing process on these borders that would not be visible after matting or framing. 

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